Lene Sandvang’s universe


Extracts from a review in the paper ‘Kunstavisen’ March 2013.

Basically, she is painting one big work all the time no matter how many linens are involved. The colours are wild and they are used in a reckless way. She samples symbols and tropes and figures, she sprinkles sentences and words in wherever they fit in and don’t fit in. Plus Chinese written characters (and she has also been taught Chinese). The approach of the artist is that of graffiti and street art, but when it comes to style, she is herself. 

With enthusiasm, she announces that one of her bon mots is that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and that one of her favourite suggestions for the participants at her workshops is STEAL FROM EACH OTHER! “Nothing is sacred”, she admits with a big smile.

This is highly reflected in her paintings too, and paradoxically, they therefore exude this special form of purity that may strike you when the energy and joy of expressing outdo any approach of self-importanceness or philistinism. It is collages of impressions, fluttering about like a sound editing, picture communication at a level you don’t see everyday.

by Preben Winther


Lene Sandvang is an experimenting and curious pictoral artist. She works mostly with painting, acrylic on linen, paper, cardboard and wooden boards. The colours range from black/white to the strong fluorescent colours pink and yellow. And everything in between. She uses paint in the Rolls Royce edition, the studio edition, metallic colours from the paint dealer, felt pens, spray, pencils, lacquer, drawings and chaos-lines. Everything gives an expression.

Lene Sandvang is much inspired by Street Art – the communication form, the lines, the motives, the unpredictability, and the intense artistic life in the street is an exciting source of inspiration for her drawings and paintings.

Se tries to decompose the motives and get close to a sensory experience of life and unpredictability, wildness and beauty. Everything is permitted –  and that is actually quite a lot ……………